Pre-College Initiative

After having a fantastic year participating in the 2012-2013 NSBE Try-Math-A-Lon competition, we are looking forward to having another great year with Pre-College Initiative (PCI)! We will be chartering two chapters for NSBE Jr. in which  are Greater Indianapolis and the Minority Engineering Program of Indianapolis (MEPI).
Cree Harris will be the advisor for Greater Indianapolis NSBE Jr. chapter, while Eugene Hawkins will be the advisor for the MEPI NSBE Jr. Chapter.

The Greater Indianapolis Chapter will be having their officer elections take place at the end of August, and will be having a big celebration “Call-Out” meeting TBD. This will be the welcome and information meeting for all of the students (grades 6-12) who wish to become a part of Greater Indianapolis NSBE Jr. Chapter. Throughout the year the students will be participating on various NSBE Jr./PCI competition teams, including:

TMAL: Try-Math-A-Lon

 Fun SAT-based math and problem solving competition-

 - Grades 9-12 are eligible

          - Five per team




EDC: Engineering Design Contest

 - Innovative and fun challenge to inspire teamwork with the fundamentals of engineering

 - Middle school team: 6-8

          - 4 per team

 - High school team: 9-12

 - 4 per team


Science Fair

 - Competing with other great minds of the future to show off scientific research and knowledge

 - Grades 6-12 eligible



The NSBE-IP PCI Committee needs your help! We are currently looking for team advisors. If you would love to work with a group of dynamic and bright young individuals, please contact Cree Harris


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