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The Indianapolis Alumni Extension was founded in 1989 by a group of dynamic professionals from Eli Lilly and Co., Indianapolis Power & Light Co, and AT&T Corporation. That core group, led by Kimberly Ennett, Stephen Lee, Kevin Shelby, and Karyn Williams, drafted the original charter and constitution for the chapter in July 1990.
​Thanks to the strong vision of the inaugural chapter leadership, the early history of the chapter has been chronicled through past chapter newsletters. The first edition was published in May 1991 which highlighted the entire years' events. The strong technical articles and dynamic editorials clearly showed the strong foundation that was laid. It was evident that the Indianapolis Alumni Chapter was a social and cultural epicenter for African-American Technical Professionals as well.
Originally called Indianapolis Alumni Chapter (IAC), the group maintained a strong theme of technical development. TECH-TALK was one of the series hosted by the chapter along with networking opportunities such as INDY MIXERS for new engineers and computer scientists. With the numerous activities, the chapter set the groundwork for our current Pre-College Initiative endeavors with the Minority Engineering Program of Indianapolis (MEPI).
The National Society of Black Engineers Indianapolis Alumni’s first regular meeting was at Eli, Lilly & Co, Bldg 98, where meetings were held on Tuesday afternoons. The 1991-92 board successfully grew the NSBE Alumni Chapter beyond the walls of Eli Lilly. AT&T's Corporation became the new meeting location and the dates were moved to the 3rd Thursday of each month. Long range goals for the chapter were established during this time. Ms. Kim Ennett was elected as Region 4 Alumni Chairperson, the first of many IAE members who would serve NSBE at a Regional and National level.
After a year of inactivity, the Indianapolis Alumni Extension (IAE) made a stunning comeback following the 19th Annual National Conference in Houston Texas. Several representatives from the Indianapolis area attended and renewed the spirit of NSBE alumni. Four individuals who attended the National Conference set out to reestablish the chapter. The group's focus was to develop an annual plan of programs and activities for the 1993-1994 year. What started out with four people tripled in number by the end of the year!
As time progressed, an influx of new members flooded the city, thus, growing the local National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Indianapolis Alumni Extension. These NSBE newcomers were employed by companies such as Navistar International, Ford Motor Company, Dow Chemical, National Starch & Chemical, Cummins Inc. and many small engineering and consulting firms in the downtown area.
As a result, the chapter has seen a new age of enthusiasm and experience in the membership. Ultimately, the chapter has been renamed due to the results of the name change winning enough votes during the march 2013 convention. The National Society of Black Engineers Indianapolis Professionals (NSBE-IP) continues to flourish under the leadership of capable dedicated members who truly understand the concepts of teaching, community and giving.
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